Hey! Thanks for being at least curious about this site.

This is a side project from DNSimple. We are domain registrar and DNS provider. Which is an extravagant way to say that we sell domains on the internet and we keep them running smoothly.

We're a small team that works remotely without any office. Some of us are in Europe, others in the Americas. Between all of us, we speak 5 languages and often attend, and speak at conferences.

If you are looking for a new domain or want to manage the DNS of your existing domains with us, take us for a spin.

We have a rock solid API (not our words) and we offer a easy way to get and renew SSL certificates (so you can secure your website, which is what this site is about).

If you want to know how this comic was done, I wrote about the process in our blog.

You can always contact us if you have any question or need more details.

If you are lazy like me and need a big fat call-to-action button to improve your life, this is for you:

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